BOYNTON BEACH, FL (Wednesday, January 10, 2024) Rhonda’s Promise, Inc. hosted a Vision Board Party ~ Wine Dine Edition to assist with planning and goal setting for 2024.

The event began with Aquannette Tyson Thomas of Valley National Bank providing the attendees with tips on financial planning and financial literacy to better prepare for the year ahead. The attendees were treated to food and drinks while they followed the steps outlined by the vision board instruction card prepared by our Founder/President Rhonda Mack Rogers.

You can’t have a Wine Down Wednesday event without wine. The group played the White Elephant game with wine as their gift. The activity was fun and engaging and the group got into the fun by stealing the best wines from each other. Lastly, we raffled off three 100 envelope saving challenge binders and three wine & chips and custom cups gift baskets.

Thank you to the attendees who shared your Vision Boards with the group. We wish you all the best and encourage you to select an accountability partner to help you achieve your 2024 goals.

Thank you for the professional pictures from LaToya Benjamin and Dorothy Gainer for the custom wine, chips and cups gift baskets.