A world where hope is endless, dreams are realized and promises are kept.

Rhonda’s Promise, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to the success of women and girls located in South Palm Beach County, Florida. Our mission is to help connect women and girls of all stages with resources and skills to enhance their lives through education and life skills.

We strive to make the Rhonda’s Promise, Inc. the strongest advocate for the women and girls we serve.


Women and girls live in a world where hope is endless, dreams are realized and promises are kept.


In the United States today, racial inequities remain deep, systemic and stubbornly persistent, and children of color lack the opportunities and support that they need to thrive.

The National Council on Aging found that 75 percent of seniors have at least one chronic health condition, and that most have two or more.

Research has documented many physiological and mental health benefits of social support, including positive adjustment to chronic disease; decreased depression and anxiety; and effective buffering against the negative effects of stress.


Experience the challenging and rewarding programs we offer.

Rhonda’s Promise, Inc. offers a variety of programs ranging from HOPE Academy, Hey Sistas and Aging Gracefully. Through a variety of programs, we are committed and qualified to provide women and girls educational programs that is focused on preparing them with the necessary academic, physical and mental health and social skills required for their future as well as practical knowledge and skills that are in high demand in today’s global workforce.

Every Gift Makes a Difference

There is much to be done as we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. The public health emergency has both profoundly affected education and made clear the importance of nonprofits and supporting each other.

Our Sponsors & Partners

Rhonda's Promise believes that impactful partnerships are essential to achieving our mission and vision. Partnering with others who believe in our mission and are on our journey will lead to even greater impact. Learn How to Become a Partner